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Gettin' the H out of D

We still have some prayers left on the line

Like 2,000,000 other people yesterday, we decided to drift away from our dear city on the northern Gulf Coast. But before we headed out, Kočko and I soaked up some home turf before our departure.

Kočko soaking up his joy

(Kočko is chillin' with me in our Memphis hotel, as I write this. Ana's watching The Hustler with Laundry. They're both crazy about Paul Newman.)

We were the last ones to leave on our block.

Procrastinators are always the last to go

It was strange to see our street completely devoid of cars.

Ghost town

I decided to take a slight different route this time than we did for Katrina. I figured the Causeway wouldn't be as crowded as taking I-10 to I-55, since we'd not have to fight with any of the dreaded Houston traffic. We took surface streets to the Causeway and headed across. We flowed across the lake at the speed limit.

Coursing our way across the causeway

Across the lake, orange cones and big signs routed us towards the contraflow of our choice. We chose I-12 east, to take us towards I-55 north.

Joining the contraflow

At first, we clipped along I-55 (which they call Contrastate 55 at times like this) at a nice pace.

Ana and Dave on Contrastate 55

But when we hit the Mississippi state line, all that changed.

Little red's riding hood

In all, it took us six hours to drive to Jackson. It normally takes just under three.

Snaking through south Mississippi

Ana took the wheel when I got tired. Unfortunately for her, her shift was mostly stop and go. Later, when I took the wheel, she got to catch up on the sleep she missed Saturday night getting the house ready to leave.

Ana riding the breeze

Ana catching the zees

I love my girlfriend's cuteness.

Footloose and fancy feet

Now we're camped out in Memphis, watching the reports from New Orleans. I'm disturbed by the reports on the Industrial Canal. A breach could flood the school where I teach, the central office of my school district and, if it was a bad enough breach, our house.

I'm wondering what the future holds for us and our dear city.

Wondering the horizon
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