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I'm a Greasemonkey!

I read a lot of blogs (125, at last count). 78 of those are NOLA bloggers I read (my feed of nola-bloggers is publicly shared, if you'd like to add it to your favorite reader, or you can read the feed in your browser.

So, as is obvious if you click either of those two links, I use Google Reader to keep up with my RSS feeds. I like it for several reasons. First, it's web-based, which means I can get to it from any computer connected to the Internet. Second, because it's web-based, the status of what I have and haven't read is stored centrally, not on my computer (which means when I switch computers, I don't have to mark as read things I've already viewed). Third, I can easily share feeds of portions of my reading list (see above). Fourth, it has a great set of keyboard commands, which I like (I love using the key commands in Gmail and Bubbleshare too--why don't all sites have key commands?). Fifth, I like that it interleaves chronologically all the posts from all my feeds. This means that I can watch a meme spread from blog to blog. And last, I like that if I ever want to move to another reader, Google makes it easy for me to export my feeds as an OPML file and take my party elsewhere.

There are one or two things Google Reader doesn't do that I'd like it to. The good news is that Google Reader is still in beta, so it's likely that more features are around the corner. But there was one thing that I really, really wanted, which was to be able to see the complete, original post, including all comments, right in the Gooogle Reader interface. So rather than waiting for the Google Reader team to add this feature, I took matters into my own hands and wrote my first Greasemonkey script. Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that allows you to load user scripts, which add all kinds of functionality to various sites, despite what the sites' designers may have intended.

My script is View Original In-line. If you want to try my Google Reader hack, are using Firefox to read this and already have the Greasemonkey extension installed, you can click on the link to my script and then click the Install button in the upper right. Then navigate to Google Reader and start reading your feeds. When you see one you'd like to see in context, just hit the semi-colon (";") key and the original should appear before your eyes. When you're done reading the original, you can just press semi-colon again and it will go away.


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