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Hong Kongin'

We had a fun day yesterday. It started when I was getting ready to trim the grass in the front yard and discovered this big guy hanging out in what used to--and will someday again--be a beautful flower bed.

He hopped away before the grass blasting started.

After finishing the yardwork, Ana, Steve and I went to Pho Tau Bay on the West Bank for lunch. Steve had been missing his old favorite, steamed vermicelli patties. He went through two whole orders, dipping, dipping, dipping in the delicious peanut sauce.

After lunch (and after driving through one more tunnel and over one more bridge than we needed to), we met up with kittee and Katrina at the amazing Hong Kong Food Market.

I'd heard tales of this legendary monolith, but wow. To see it in person. It's huge! And full of wonders.

I think we were probably there for two hours. It takes so long to walk down each of the many aisles, because you just want to look at everything. And sometimes you find things that make you giggle, because you have no idea what you're looking at.

Swingle! After reading about it, I wish I'd bought it. Mostly because I think it would be fun to eat something with such a swingly name.

Of course, there are also the packaging oddities, like this Vegetarian Barbecue Sauce ("Specially for Vegetarian Restaurants"), which sports a jaunty orange swastika (and a row of tiny gold ones).

Although the history of the swastika is much bigger than its brief appearance as the moniker of evil, the latter is still fresh enough in our minds to make the symbol (even though this one is facing the opposite direction of the one Hitler used) in any context a no-no. At least in the West.

One of the groovy things about the HKFM for vegans is the abundance of mock meats. I bought some little shrimp-looking things. The packages says, "Contains No Animal Factor." I think I'll be making a "shrimp" masaman curry before too long. Though Katrina was freaked out by this, Kittee, Ana and I found it quite charming. Here's Kittee, a smile frozen on her freezing face in the frozen section.

After our long spree at the market, we rewarded the very patient Steve (and ourselves) with some bubble tea right next door to the market. It was Steve's first bubble tea. He approved.

And the best thing of all about the Hong Kong Food Market is that it's right here in Greater New Orleans. Not in Houston. Not in Atlanta. And, as Steve pointed out, not in Hong Kong. Geaux GNO!

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